REMOVE YOUR: Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Etc.
In The Beginning...FEELINGS

As a new born human there are limitations to the managing of our emotions.  Imagine how a baby learns what Fear, Anxiety, Joy,  Love, etc. are without having words to communicate. You're alone and have only one word to express yourself...Waaa!

There is a period in which the body needs to develop before it can consciously manage emotions.  Spindle cells aid in the management of emotions and our bodies do not have the request amount until around our early twenties.

Prior to that period, we're left to the process of FEELING.  Once we learn language, we then add words to our feelings.  However, as we learn to communicate, we forget the initial "feeling" experiences and create strategies to handle our experiences.  It's these "forgotten" feeling experiences that dominate our adult lives as unconscious motivators and we don't even know it.  How often have you heard someone say, "he/she is acting like a 3 year old"?

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Learning simple techniques can impact and improve your life in four distinct areas:

  • Eliminate Your Anxiety
  • Solving Major Life Problems
  • Resolving ADD/ADHD Symptoms
  • Creating A Life Worth Living

This is possible because of a major breakthrough in our ability to dissolve and remove old energy patterns of current emotions that disrupt people’s lives. Positive change occurs by being trained to use a group of techniques designed to effectively eliminate the root cause of these problems. This is training and not therapy. My purpose is to train my clients in just a few sessions so that they can continue to enhance and expand their lives on their own.

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