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Vaporize Your Anxiety

Vaporize Your Anxiety

Anxiety!  It is estimated that upwards of 40 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from Anxiety Disorder.  That means one in seven adults are struggling with anxiety on an ongoing basis.  Fortunately, because of some out-of-the-box thinking, there is a new way to effectively neutralize unwelcome Anxiety.

The answer to handling Anxiety seems to go against the usual thinking of traditional therapists.  Historically we have been guided to find and think about an event in our past that seems to have caused the current upset or anxiety.  The client is asked to figure out the story of what happened, and then review it again and again until it doesn’t trigger that ongoing emotion. This current approach seems to take a long, long time and many times the Anxiety never goes away.

There is a new way of helping people who are stuck in the endless cycle of being Anxious.  These techniques come from the understanding that we are conditioned by events from our early childhood.  Much like a computer with software for its operating system, we have our own personal human software.  And just like a computer that has a virus, our conditioning is written all over our internal hard drive, and it has lots of “bugs”, just like a computer virus.  This breakthrough is the development of Human Software Engineering that is designed to “remove the patterns of energy and information that make up the virus”.  We get rid of the “bugs” that are running your inner software.  Anxiety is one of those bugs.

So what is Anxiety really?  I believe that Anxiety occurs as a result of being stuck at the outer edges of fear, afraid in a sense of the deeper, overwhelming energy of fear.  When there is no resolution to the fear, it’s because the energy of the fear is still being held in the body.  Anxiety is simply our body’s attempt to avoid being overwhelmed by the fear of a projected outcome in the future. 

Notice the emphasis on word “energy”.  Quantum physics has for the last 40 years informed us that everything is essentially energy. 

At our very essence, we are only waves or frequencies of energy.  We look to be solid, but when reduced to our smallest possible element, there is mostly space.   When you have Anxiety, you “feel” it.  You “feel” the energy of the Anxiety.  That’s what makes you so uncomfortable. 

The problem is that we have been conditioned as very small children not to feel and fully process our emotions.  As a little baby only recently separated from its mother, there are many things that put the baby into emotional overwhelm.  If for some reason the baby wants Mom to hold her and Mom is in the other room, the emotion of the energy of fear overwhelms the baby.  It’s a horrible feeling, and the baby with her limited brain capacity makes a pre-verbal decision; “I’m not going to go through that feeling again”.  This results in the baby teaching itself not to feel the emotion fully.

Fast-forward to today, and the baby is now grown up, but for years she has been suppressing her feelings and doesn’t even know she’s doing it.  As a result, when something triggers a feeling, she doesn’t fully process it, and the emotion of the feeling, the energy of the feeling just hangs on.  If the feeling is one of Anxiety, it just never seems to go away.  And as you know, we don’t have much luck trying to think Anxiety away. 

That’s why anxiety is such an uncomfortable result of these pre-verbal, feeling-level decisions, and is typically so resistant to relief using traditional therapy or self-help books.  It’s a little like trying to see music, or touch the scent of a cake baking.  It’s just the wrong set of tools.

So what are feelings?  If we remember that everything is just energy; this paper, the bones in your body, it must also be that feelings are energy.  What we need to recognize is that all emotions are just patterns of energy created within us as a response to some stimulus.

When you realize this, it can really open your mind to a new way of thinking about emotions – many of which you may feel are “responsible” for your anxiety. 

As energy, our different emotions simply have different vibrational patterns to them.  This is how we distinguish between them.   We then label them according to the particular sensation we experience.  Thus we say; Fear… Sadness… Anger… Anxiety… and so forth.  This is because we live in a verbal world and need some way to communicate our experiences with others.

Contrary to common belief, feelings are not mental experiences.  They can only be experienced as energy.  Your mind of course may be running wild with all kinds of attempts to explain the emotion, to figure it out, how to get rid of it, how you’re the victim of it, and so forth.  But these are just thoughts or stories, conjured up in an attempt to “explain” the very fundamental human experience of emotional energy in your body.  They are not the emotion itself.

It is very important to grasp the concept of the idea that feelings are just energy.  To move beyond Anxiety, you must simply be willing to “experience fully” the energy of the emotion you want to get rid of.

That’s what I teach you to do.  Together we will look at different aspects of your Anxiety, and then I will teach you several techniques to Vaporize you Anxiety.  This usually requires going through the steps of the process several times until you are comfortable doing it on your own.

What I teach is a process that allows my clients, any time they are feeling the negative effects of Anxiety, to fully feel the “energy” of that Anxiety.  When they do that, the Anxiety is simply vaporized away.  When you have done this a few times, you will begin to gain mastery over your anxiety.  It will no longer hold you in its grip.

The techniques I teach for Anxiety are the same I use for; Worry, Nervousness and Depression etc.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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