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ADD/ADHD Without Drugs

ADD/ADHD Strategies & Information

There is a way to permanently handle the symptoms of ADD/ADHD without drugs.  Understanding this breakthrough requires learning about TB-miasm (Tuberculosis Meningitis).  Here is a bit of background and an explanation of this TB-miasm “bug” that is present in so many people.

Recent research at the University of South Africa has verified that children who get Tuberculosis Meningitis suffer long term complications.  Of consequence is that once the Tuberculosis Meningitis has been removed from the body, it leaves a definite imprint on the nervous system called TB-miasm.  This TB-miasm has now been identified as the reason people exhibit ADD/ADHD symptoms. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In the study the researchers found that the TB-miasm group was significantly more hyperactive and unable to sustain attention than the control group. Furthermore, TB-miasm group subjects were perceived as being significantly more unpopular, obsessive, compulsive and aggressive than the control group subjects.

The conclusion of the study is:  That ADHD is a common long-term complication of TB-miasm.

The process of cancelling the TB-miasm that includes the symptoms of ADD-ADHD is amazingly simple and takes only 30 minutes.  Even better news is that there is a fast and full proof test that will show if you have TB-miasm in your body, and it is 100% accurate.  The process to remove the TB-miasm is permanent and there are no drugs or side effects.

A missing piece of the puzzle

There is however another piece of the puzzle.  The disruptive influence of the residual effects of having TB-miasm present in your body can be an inherited tendency. This has been known for many decades within one of the original fields of energy medicine called Homeopathy. However, the procedures and technologies for canceling out this energy pattern are much more recent developments.

TB-miasm is the inherited residual stress of Tuberculosis (TB).  Understanding the phenomenon of humans inheriting TB-miasm is a significant insight.  Over the centuries there have been massive epidemics of TB in many parts of the world. European experts who have studied this phenomena estimate that about 60% of today’s world population has ancestry who had TB. This means that about 60% of the people in any large group are going to have this inherited stress that causes these sabotaging traits.

Think of it like this. The disturbances that were observed in the South Africa study are complications that are seen after someone survives having TB. This means that the Tuberculin bacteria are no longer present in the person’s body. The ADHD symptoms are not being created by the presence of the Tuberculin pathogen but rather by a residual energetic disturbance of the TB survivor’s nervous system. The nervous system becomes stressed during the illness of TB and it doesn’t tend to recover from this weakening disruptive influence. Because we now know that everything is made of energy we also know that this disruptive influence is simply a pattern of energy.

And, we now know that this pattern of energy can be inherited. It can be passed on to the next generation and again passed on to yet the next generation and so on. It’s like a slow version of a computer virus propagating over the internet being passed from one computer to another via email.

Researchers suspect that this disruptive pattern of energy rides in the DNA of the egg or the sperm. The DNA is made up of a complex sequence of proteins, and the proteins are also made of patterns of energy. Additionally it appears that the proteins can serve as tiny hard drives and can have patterns of energy stored on them. This means that the TB-miasm is present in the fertilized egg following conception if either the mother or father has this pattern of energy in their body. They will have it if they have either survived having TB before having children or if they themselves have inherited the TB-miasm from their parents.

As the cells replicate to create the trillions of individual cells that become the body, the tiny disruptive pattern of the residual effect of the TB-miasm also replicates with every copy of the cell as the cells divide and differentiate.

The body’s cells now represent trillions of copies of this tiny pattern of disruptive energy. But because it is a pattern of energy, it is subject to the laws of wave interference, a principle from physics that is commonly used in electronics engineering. The trillions of patterns of disruptive energy add together through constructive interference to create one massive wave of disruptive energy.

Now the composite wave form of this pattern of energy has enough amplitude (meaning enough strength or loudness of energy) to cause disruptions to certain functions of the human nervous system. In particular the disruptions seem to create distractions that effect the computing of meaning and comprehension from incoming sensory information, especially but not limited to visual information.

This is why people with ADD or ADHD tend to have trouble with reading comprehension, so that it is either difficult for them to read or they may compensate and become very good readers but usually with an incredible expenditure of effort and energy. They can focus but it takes a lot more effort for them to sustain their focus than it does for someone who doesn’t have the TB-miasm. The disruptive energy can also cause laterality problems (dyslexia), difficulty concentrating and focusing and the many other symptoms already enumerated above.

The WaveMaker works on the same principle as a noise canceling headset

The technology used to neutralize the TB-miasm is called a WaveMaker. The WaveMaker is a device that is based on the principles of wave interference and resonance. It works in a similar way to a noise canceling headset. A noise canceling headset (Bose, Sony, etc.) is able to pick up the environmental noise with a microphone that is built into the headset.  It then electronically inverts the wave pattern of the noise, and sends it to the ear at the same time that the wave pattern of the noise is reaching the ear where the two waves cancel out each other’s energy, and you don’t hear the noise.

The WaveMaker works on the same principle. But instead of noise from the environment, it can pick up the ultra-fine “noise” patterns of energy from the body.

This amazing device has a set of proprietary analog modules that are imprinted with the energy patterns of the TB-miasm. These special analog modules are placed in the input circuit of the WaveMaker where the energy patterns are picked up by the WaveMaker, electronically inverted and amplified, and sent to the body via a cable and electrode. When the inverted energy pattern of the TB-miasm meets the energy pattern of the TB-miasm in the body, they cancel each other out. This completely wipes out the energy of the TB-miasm from the body.

In addition to our proprietary method of canceling out the energy pattern of the TB-miasm, there are also proprietary procedures for strengthening and stabilizing the different aspects of the nervous system that have been negatively impacted by the presence of this inherited stress. This is also done with the WaveMaker using additional proprietary analog modules. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and only has to be done once. The results are permanent.
Almost always there is additional Human Software Engineering work to be done with someone who has lived with TB-miasm for many years.  Habits are formed that can be hard to break, and even though the TB-miasm is gone, old habits will cause unwanted actions to continue.  It is highly recommended that a few sessions working with the Core Dynamics of Common Problems be considered for greater success.

The results are permanent and cumulative!

People who have been debugged for the TB-miasm report that positive changes continue to happen over a period of time following the debugging, so there is a cumulative positive affect. This is probable because when someone has lived their whole life under the influence of this kind of internal stress, they don’t know that it could be another way. So while there are typically immediate improvements in all aspects of social skills and productivity, from clearer thinking and better decision making, our clients also notice improvements in the basic skills of reading, writing and comprehending things.  Other kinds of improvements include better communication, enhanced ability to adapt to stress, improved relationships, more creativity, improved ability to listen and respond, etc.

People who have their Inner Human Software debugged and upgraded with the ADD/ADHD program report that they rapidly begin to learn new and more natural ways of doing things. Their old strategies for compensating start to drop away. This leads to continuing improvement following the initial debugging and upgrading sessions.

Hundreds of people have now been debugged since the discovery of this breakthrough process, and the results we are seeing are nothing short of miraculous. The results range from subtle to dramatic depending on the level to which a person’s life had been previously compromised by having this internal TB-miasm stressor in their body.
The Symptoms of ADD/ADHD include:

  • Inattention - having a short attention span and being easily distracted
  • Impulsivity - causing a person to do dangerous or unwise things without thinking about the consequences
  • Hyperactivity - inappropriate or excessive activity
  • Social isolation – not being well liked and poor communication with others
  • Not being effective at knowing and sticking with priorities
  • Not listening well due to many distracting thoughts
  • A tendency towards disorganization
  • A tendency to have behavioral challenges and problems
  • A tendency to self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs
  • Limited inner peace and stability
  • Limited capacity to handle stress

These are obviously powerful social and productivity sabotaging behaviors. Different people with TB-miasm have varying degrees of these and other symptoms that range from subtle to highly disturbing. 

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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