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It isn’t surprising that people want to have great relationships.  We want great relationships with our significant other, our parents, our children, our friends and our business partners etc.  Yet when most people take a step back and look at their relationships, they feel a multitude of uncomfortable emotions about either their perceived deficiencies, or the deficiencies of the person they are relating to. 

Human Software Engineering has developed a list of different problems that are at the basis of helping to understand how and why relating to people turns out to be so difficult.  They are called the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning and consist of 12 different problems that are formed during our preverbal conditioning.  These problems become set in place as we get older, and make up the dominant aspect of our ego, our unconscious way of being.

These Core Dynamic problems of our early conditioning become the way we see the world and operate in it.  Some examples are; we mistake needs for love, we are judgmental, we over-react to circumstances, we resist change, we exclude other perspectives, we avoid the present, we ignore our intuition etc.

Not everyone is willing to look closely at their beliefs, and take responsibility for their relationships… to examine their emotions and feelings and wonder how they could be improved.   But if you are that special person who really wants to move your life forward, there isn’t a better approach than to understand and master these Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning.

In my coaching, I take each Core Dynamic and examine it with a client to determine how to remove it from their lives.  I teach the different Pure Awareness techniques so they can take these tools home with them.  Many times I utilize the WaveMaker (please see write up on the web site) to help remove the underlying feelings and emotions that are a problem for them.  Any emotion once identified and brought into aware consciousness can be debugged and cancelled out.

Having great relationships is the result of overcoming these Core Dynamics of Common Problems.  It is possible!  What it takes is a commitment to have a breakthrough in this area of your life.  The people I know who have taken on the dismantling of their core dynamic problems lead extraordinary, joyful lives with satisfying and amazing relationships.  You can to!

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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