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Business Productivity

Business Productivity & Extraordinary Performance

You may be an independent business person, work for a company or own your own business.  This message is for all of you because achieving a high level of productivity either for yourself or your key employees is fundamental to your success.

You can go to the finest business seminars or programs, and what you usually come away with is a notebook that will go into the closet and some really good ideas and strategies.  Yet most business people would agree that they seldom see much difference in performance three months later… but they want to do something to help themselves and their fellow employees.

We know the attributes of successful business people.  They…

  • Can effectively sell an idea
  • Can take no for an answer and keep going
  • Understand that any deal must be a win/win
  • Have relentless follow-up
  • Set priorities and work from them
  • Find a good mentor
  • Support employees, not manage them

So why is it that so many people who know how to do all of the above things have such a hard time moving forward in their personal and business lives? 

The reason is that there are hidden barriers to creating business productivity or achieving extraordinary performance in our jobs.  These hidden barriers reside in almost all of us and are the result of early childhood conditioning.  They show up as being reactive, being negative, being cynical, getting angry, becoming discouraged, being defensive, not listening, dominating, not trusting, being unclear, being pushy, not participating, being judgmental, being hurt, avoiding etc.

This is the stuff that squashes team work and cooperation.  It kills productivity.  We see it every day at the office but don’t know how to overcome it.  These are individual reactions but taken together cause a lot of disruption… which means loss of productivity.

This Business Productivity program is not a rehash of the success strategies that have been promoted for the past 30 years but a dynamic discussion of how our feelings are dominated by our early conditioning.  Participants learn that there is an even deeper basis to our limiting beliefs and feelings that so frequently holds us back from moving forward to success.

Human Software Engineering provides a simple and elegant series of processes that allow people to see what is holding them back, and then to change.  This is not however, about trying to overcome those negative feelings and emotions.  Have you noticed that when you are operating at the affect of your hidden barriers that using your will power to change doesn’t make a difference? 

Our hidden barriers have been categorized as the Core Dynamics of Common Problems.  As they are identified and understood it is possible to neutralize them by using some easily learned Pure Awareness techniques developed specifically to help overcome our early conditioning.  Whether you are a small business person or in charge of a large organization, bringing Human Software Engineering into your business can pay huge dividends.  People will transform as their hidden barriers are debugged and their full potential can be realized. 

Additionally, there is a different condition that is frequently the cause of a lack of productivity in the work place.  It is a condition of the nervous system that has recently been identified in 60% of the population as a result of having Tuberculosis in a person’s ancestry.  This condition is called TB-miasm, and it affects people to different degrees.  When it is more severe, it has been named ADD/ADHD.  For most of us it simply creates a disruption in our ability to concentrate, to stay on task, to stay organized, to handle stress, to set priorities, to listen attentively… all problems that sabotage productivity.

Human Software Engineering has developed a fast and full proof test to determine if someone has this TB-miasm problem.  If they do there is an ingenious process utilizing a bio resonance device called the WaveMaker (please see attached write up for detailed information) that debugs/clears the TB-miasm from the body.  Depending on the degree of nervous system disruption, spending about 30 minutes on the WaveMaker can be life changing. 

Any business can benefit greatly by introducing their key employees to Human Software Engineering.  If a leap in productivity and the development of extraordinary performance is important to you, I invite you to have a conversation with me.  We will explore the possibility of introducing Human Software Engineering to your company, or to schedule an appointment for you to experience what this breakthrough technology can do for you. 

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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