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All About Energy

All About Energy

Almost all of the modalities that are used in this work are grounded in the understanding that everything in the universe when reduced to its lowest denominator is simply energy, a collection of waves and frequencies.

When we understand that everything about us is just energy, possibilities for a breakthrough in personal productivity expand past anything previously thought possible.  People are usually surprised to learn that as humans, we have the ability to feel all sorts of energy in our body… we just haven’t thought to do it.  By learning how to access this energy it becomes possible to dramatically change how life shows up for us.

Karl Pribram, Ph.D., who many believe was the first to postulate the field of Quantum Physics said that the objective world does not exist, at least not in the way we are accustomed to believing.  What is “out there” is a vast ocean of waves and frequencies, and reality looks concrete to us only because our brains are able to take this holographic blur and convert it into the sticks, stones and other familiar objects that make up our world. 

We also now understand that everything we see as physical is connected many different ways by energy in different forms that we cannot see but know are there.  Today the air is full of TV, Radio, Cell Phone and Microwave transmissions that were unknown just 100 years ago.  We know that there are frequencies we are unable to see and hear but nevertheless surround us.  These waves and frequencies are all energy.  In some recent discoveries we know that a person’s brain waves emit energy that can be picked up by someone else.

In his amazing book The Hidden Messages In Water, Dr.Masaru Emoto said “Human beings are also vibrating, and each individual vibrates at a unique frequency.  Each one of us has the sensory skills necessary to feel the vibrations of others”.

A person experiencing great sadness will emit a sadness frequency, and someone who is always joyful and living life fully will emit a corresponding frequency.  When around either of these people it’s amazing how easily we pick up their energy. 

Therefore, feelings and emotions are energy.  This energy not only projects inward and causes all kinds of upset and misery; it also projects outward and is picked up by those around us. 

For the vast majority of problems people bring to the coaching conversation, most are problems that a person is really in touch with and trying to figure out.  Yet thinking was not the cause of the problem.  The problem or situation will almost certainly be the product of an emotional overwhelm (stated differently as an energetic overwhelm).  Trying to think your way to a resolution just doesn’t work.  It’s a little like trying to see music, or touch the scent of a cake baking.  It’s just the wrong set of tools. 

So, if feelings and emotions are energy, and we are able to locate them in and around our body, it is possible to eliminate them as the cause of upset and anxiety.  This is a major component of Human Software Engineering and my coaching practice.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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