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Problems & Upsets Examined

Problems & Upsets Examined

The underlying cause of most of our problems; negative emotions, unproductive beliefs and long lasting anxiety can be explained quite simply.  The root cause of all of these is our pre-verbal early conditioning.  It causes us to remain stuck in old unwelcome patterns that stop us from being able to break free and create what we really want in life.

When we are very young, only recently separated from our mother, we still feel like we are physically connected.  All it takes is for mom to be out of the room when we want something, and we are unconsciously overwhelmed by her absence.  After all, for many months she had been taking care of our every need, and now her almost instant response isn’t there for us.  This causes us to experience an emotional overwhelm of some sort because we are not getting our needs met.  It’s a horrible experience… and then it happens again, and again.

Because these feelings of overwhelm are so uncomfortable, we make an unconscious, pre-verbal decision to hold back our emotions, to not fully experience them.  As we continue this pattern we subconsciously train ourselves to resist feeling things (our emotions) fully.  This conditioning of not feeling things fully slowly becomes the way we operate in life.  It gets to the place where we are not able to fully process the energy of our emotions, and we become stuck in them.  And it’s all due to our early conditioning.

Anger is a good emotion, but not if you carry that anger with you for too long a time.  A little fear is ok, but not if it continues to grip you past the time it is useful.  Being anxious about a future event can really get you moving, but if it is too extreme it will paralyze you.  These are emotions that need to be completed, to be fully experienced, and not held on to.  That’s what these Human Software Engineering processes will allow you to do.

It’s important to recognize that when you are upset, when you are experiencing anxiety, fear, dread etc., you are not feeling your thoughts.  You are feeling the “energy” of your thoughts as they are showing up somewhere in your body.  It’s the “energy” you feel that makes you so uncomfortable.

These are all indications that your early conditioning of not feeling things fully is causing your problems.

Human Software Engineering is structured to help you unlock your early conditioning that causes you to not fully process the “energy” of your emotions.  These easy to learn processes are able to free you from your old conditioning that you have previously had no control over.  How many times have you tried to think or talk your way out of being anxious or fearful about something?  It just doesn’t seem to work.  Processing an old story over and over again may diminish the hurt, but rarely removes it.

The reason it has been hard to remove this old conditioning is that it shows up as different emotions, and when we feel an emotion, we are actually feeling the “energy” of the emotion in our body.

Human Software Engineering works to complete the energetic pattern of the emotion, not to understand the story or explanation of it.  When the energy is gone, when it is fully experienced, there is nothing left to feel, and you are able to be comfortably back in the present moment.

I use several Human Software Engineering techniques that facilitate guiding my clients to consciously feel into the energy they are currently experiencing.  When the energy is fully experienced instead of trying to deflect or avoid it, the energy and the associated discomfort goes away.

The processes I use are simple and elegant.  They work beautifully to unlock the old energetic patterns of your early conditioning that you have previously had no access to.  That’s why Human Software Engineering works.  It deals with the problem on the same level the problem was created.  When the energy of the emotion that is causing the problem is fully experienced, it vanishes because there is nothing left to feel.  I have seen high levels of anxiety in my clients fade away to nothing in just a few minutes.  It’s quite remarkable.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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