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Core Dynamics Diagram

Debugging the Core Dynamics of Common Problems

People are looking for answers to their problems.  We wonder why happiness and satisfaction are so illusive.  We try to figure out the reason life continually puts us into unwanted feelings or emotions of upset and anxiety.  We wonder why we just can’t be happy.

We try well advertised Personal Development programs and go to Self Improvement seminars.  We read the latest book on “living in the now” and purchase CD meditation tapes.  We wonder why nothing seems to make a lasting difference in the quality of our lives.

The reason we can’t seem to get on top of these feelings is that our reactions to them have been conditioned since an early age, and our early conditioning shapes how we respond to just about everything… and it all happens automatically.  It really seems that we have no say in the matter.  After all, if we did have control, wouldn’t we choose to bypass these uncomfortable and debilitating emotions?

Twelve different problems have been identified that are at the core of our very being.  These are dynamic decisions we make and react to for just about every situation we encounter.  If you understand how these core problems adversely affect your life and replace them with adult reasoning, life flows along quite beautifully.  If not, life’s road can be very bumpy. 

Everyone wants more out of life.  But so often we feel held back, and can’t really seem to figure it out!  It can be frustrating and discouraging.  We want to make progress in our business, our career, our relationships, but it’s as if some invisible resistance just seems to be keeping us from having the life we really want.

The 12 Core Dynamics model provides an innovative language and structure for understanding the nature of human conditioning and its incredible limiting influences on our lives.

The Core Dynamic insights penetrate into the nature of our pre-verbal conditioning.  These are the things that invisibly and silently cause us to do things like; not trust and act on our intuition, or to not distinguish between intuition and our other thoughts.  They cause us to judge ourselves and others. They are the cause of self-doubt, worry, anxiety, depression, of grieving beyond the natural time for completing our grief. They cause us to create expectations that can't happen and to over-react when they do. They cause our addictions, our misunderstanding, our fears and our unhappiness. It is our preverbal conditioning that sets us up for just about every problem you can imagine in human life.

The vast majority of people live their lives as a product of their conditioning.  They make decisions based on what they think they should do.  They make decisions based on emotional reactions or moods.  They make decisions and base their actions not on being true to themselves but based on responding to pressure or to some outer authority that they have learned to follow without even realizing that this is happening.

As mentioned above, it is our early conditioning that causes so much of our distress.  When we are very young and impressionable, we have experiences that we don’t have language to describe.  Instead, these early experiences are “felt”.  They are experienced on the level of our feelings, without words for them.  These feeling level decisions are powerful and potent.  One such decision that seems to be quite universal is the decision; not to feel things fully… to shut down the access to and use of our natural capacity to feel.  This is because we have numerous experiences of being overwhelmed by our emotions during our tender formative years.  As we grow up and gain language skills, we start to rely on language and our thinking to make sense of the world and to communicate with others.  The result is that we develop a life that operates inside the limitations of these early feeling level decisions, without knowing we are doing this.  This is the harmful nature of our early childhood conditioning. 

The remedy for this is to learn how to remove the insidious influence of this preconditioning and re-establish the experience of who and what we really are.  In the process we learn to live from a centered awareness all the time. This can be done quickly and easily by canceling out our automatic and negative conditioned responses to the earlier events in our life. 

How is this possible?  Part of the process of helping people unwind their negative conditioning is the use of a device called the Wavemaker.  It is a new technology that is designed to pick up a person’s ultra-fine electromagnetic field patterns of energy and information from the body (your unwanted conditioning), and then electronically inverts them and sends them back to the body thus canceling them out.  Once the negative aspect of a Core Dynamic is removed, we teach several techniques that once learned allow a Core Dynamic client to immediately center him/her self and quickly come out of the upset or problem. 

We call this work Human Software Engineering.  Just as a computer needs to be cleared of viruses and corrupted files, our inner human software needs to be debugged and upgraded.

This is not therapy.  We are not trying to have someone “think” their way out of a negative feeling or emotion.  If “thinking” got rid of anxiety, dread, anger, fear etc., there wouldn’t be so many people who get stuck feeling so miserable and uncomfortable trying to figure out why they can’t move past these limiting emotions.  Once there is understanding of the nature of human conditioning and its incredible limiting influence on our lives, change can happen.

What works is to take advantage of this new Wavemaker technology and to neutralize the energy of these Core Dynamic problems with specific processes.  It is enormously empowering to know that it is no longer necessary to be held in the grip of these limiting, uncomfortable feelings.

My coaching as a Human Software Engineer has been shaped by Tom Stone’s insights and discoveries in the field of personal development.  His procedures for removing unwanted emotions, feelings and stresses are uniquely effective.  In the forward of his book Vaporize Your Anxiety, best selling author Jack Canfield said of Tom’s work; “It is unlike any other program for enriching your life that I’ve ever seen.”

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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