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Squeaky Clean Program

An Introduction to The Squeaky Clean Program

The Squeaky Clean Program is a series of Extraordinary Wellness Coaching sessions designed to eliminate the underlying causes of chronic health complaints.  The objective of this application of Human Software Engineering is to help the body restore and optimize its innate ability to heal itself and keep itself well.  The approach is comprehensive and systematic, logical and practical.  It incorporates the latest advances in Human Software Engineering and draws upon nearly 40 years of research in the health care concepts of Regulatory Medicine as developed and applied by leading health care practitioners in Europe.  This program was developed and is being continually refined by one of the world’s leading Human Software Engineering researchers and teachers, Dr. Martin Keymer in Germany and it is based in part on the work of Professor Alfred Pischinger, a medical researcher in Austria.  In Europe this is described as a program “to get well and stay well”.

The purpose of the Squeaky Clean Program is to restore all of the self-protecting, self-regulating, self-repair and self-sustaining systems of the body to a state in which they are functioning so well that they can easily maintain that state and continue to function optimally. The program is based on insights about the self-regulating systems of the body, how they function to maintain themselves and how they become overly burdened with toxic stresses. The basic premise is that the body will regulate itself and keep itself functioning optimally under normal conditions. Unfortunately, normal conditions for the human body are no longer commonly found in our modern living environment.        

This inevitably results in the accumulation of a wide variety of toxic stresses in the connective tissue (interstitial fluid or cellular matrix).  The connective tissue is the semi-liquid substance or matrix that surrounds all of the cells and through which nerve impulses travel, the cells receive nutrients, oxygen and energy, and metabolic wastes are removed. When the body becomes overburdened with toxins and is unable to eliminate them, the connective tissue is the easiest and safest place for the body to store what it can’t eliminate. It is like sweeping the dust under a corner of the carpet and storing it there rather than gathering it up and taking it out of the room.  When toxic stresses accumulate in the connective tissue, the cells no longer receive all of the nourishment that they need, metabolic waste products accumulate and the vitality and health of the cells decline.  This is what opens the door to disease and chronic illness.

What causes the body to be unable to self-regulate and eliminate these hardware/software “bugs” in the form of accumulated toxic stresses?  There may be many specific contributing causes, but principally the cause is a breakdown in the functioning of the organs and processes of elimination and the resulting inability of the body to effectively detoxify itself.  This impairment of regulatory function creates the basis for illness.  Hence the primary objectives of this debugging program are to restore the body’s natural ability to eliminate accumulated toxic stresses, to restore optimal regulatory function and thereby reestablish a basis for sustainable health and vitality.  The Squeaky Clean Program consists of a series of specifically sequenced steps designed to reestablish the body’s ability to restore and maintain a state of wellness.

The program begins with a detailed history and extensive bio-energetic testing to identify the stress factors that are impairing the regulatory functions of the body.  Then a specific detailed written plan is created and followed over a series of sessions.  Each individual’s plan is personalized to address their unique needs and is, in general, designed to accomplish the following:

  • Resolve any Conflicts in Consciousness (unresolved psychological/emotional issues) that may be impairing regulatory function and contributing to poor health
  • Remove the specific toxic stresses that are preventing the organs of elimination from working effectively to efficiently eliminate toxins from the body
  • Purge the toxins stored in the connective tissue from the body
  • Eliminate the additional persistent toxic stresses which still remain in the body
  • Remove the oldest and deepest stresses including the residual effects of vaccinations and inherited predispositions to regulatory dysfunction
  • Establish the individual in a state of self-sufficiency in which the body is able to self-regulate and maintain a state of optimal health

A General Overview of The Squeaky Clean Program

The Squeaky Clean Program consists of ten specifically sequenced steps which incorporate the following seven primary areas of emphasis:

  • UPGRADE THE ENERGY needed by the body to perform basic regulatory functions and heal itself. This is accomplished in two ways.  One is to pick up the body’s own energy and feed it back in a way that strengthens and stabilizes the resonance of the body’s own energy.  Another way is to use special protocols to energize different specific hardware/software subsystems of the body.  This includes providing energy to support specific meridians, organ systems, organs, their structures and functions.
  • RESOLVE ANY UNRESOLVED ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES and incomplete traumatic experiences that may have occurred during adulthood. These forms of psychological/emotional stress have been found to be prevalent and are often a significant contributor to chronic illness.  These are now easily resolved using the new tools available in Core Dynamics Coaching.  This support continues as needed throughout the program and is an integral and important part of it.  Such debugging of the inner human software is occasionally all that is needed to restore a person to health.  Resolving these types of stresses usually frees up energy which the body can then use for healing.  As a byproduct of this component of the program, people sometimes have remarkable breakthroughs in other areas of their lives unrelated to their physical health.
  • REMOVE BASIC OPERATING SYSTEM BLOCKS which prevent the body’s natural regulatory processes from functioning effectively. These processes occur primarily in the connective tissue surrounding every cell and are responsible for maintaining the vitality and health of the cells. Certain kinds of toxic stresses directly impair the functions that occur in the connective tissue and block the regulatory systems of the body from functioning effectively. Therefore they must be identified and debugged first. This allows the debugging procedures that follow to be effective in stimulating the regulatory systems of the body to restore a state of healthy function.
  • OPEN THE ORGANS AND SYSTEMS OF EMLIMINATION so the body can easily eliminate accumulated toxic stresses. This involves resolving any significant bugs that impair the function of the intestinal tract, lymphatic system, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, lungs, skin, and circulatory systems. Once healthy function is restored to these organs and systems, the body has been prepared and is now ready to eliminate its burden of toxic stresses in the steps that follow.
  • PURGE THE CONNECTIVE TISSUE OF ACCUMULATED TOXINS.  Once the organs of elimination are open and working well, the body is ready to remove the toxic stresses that have accumulated in the connective tissue.  In this step we use inverse oscillation protocols with the “bugged code” present in-body secretions such as saliva, urine, feces, etc. This debugging procedure cancels out the electromagnetic charge of the toxins which are present in the secretions and activates the body’s defenses to remove them.  This is very effective and drives about half of the accumulated toxins out of the body.  This usually marks a turning point in the process of restoring health.  With more nutrition reaching the cells and waste products being efficiently removed, the cells have more vitality and the body’s innate ability to remove toxic stresses and to self-regulate is significantly restored.
  • REMOVE ANY TENACIOUS TOXIC STRESSES THAT REMAIN in the body. After the generic cleansing of the connective tissue is completed, the next step is to retest to determine which tenacious toxic stresses are still present in the body. We then use a series of specific specialized debugging protocols to eliminate them.
  • ELIMINATE THE OLDEST DEEPEST STRESSES so that the body can maintain a state of regulatory self-sufficiency.  This includes debugging incompletely resolved childhood diseases, the residual effects of vaccinations and inherited predispositions to regulatory dysfunction.

As an integral part of this program, it is imperative that we identify any psychological, emotional and/or spiritual issues that may be considered to be “Inner Conflicts” or "Conflicts in Consciousness".  These are the subtlest and deepest stresses of all and must be identified and resolved if a person is to get well and stay well.   They can now be easily debugged using the new tools available in Core Dynamics Coaching.  These tools are specifically tailored to eliminate the Core Dynamics of Common Problems while freeing us from the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning.  The goal is to allow a person to live permanently in the experience of Pure Awareness.  Ultimately, optimal health must also include living in the continuous experience of Wholeness.  The purpose of this program is to bring wellness and balance to the body, mind and spirit so they function together as one harmoniously integrated whole.  It is then that a person can competently take care of themselves as an individual in all circumstances.  Once someone has completed the Squeaky Clean Program they are usually more self-sufficient with respect to maintaining health than ever before in their life.

While strictly following the overall plan, the program is modified and adapted at each step of the way to address the unique needs of each individual.  Since each person’s assessment results will be different, their treatment plan will be unique.  This detailed attention to individual circumstances goes a long way in assuring the success of the Squeaky Clean Program for every one who chooses to participate.

It is important to understand that the names of the different toxins, pathogens and diseases that are used in this plan refer to the energy of these things only and not to any actual pathological substances or processes. There is no biochemical testing of any kind, no blood tests, no x-rays etc.  Everything that is identified in the assessments and included in the debugging plan is found using only bio-energetic testing. These energy patterns can be picked up with bio-energetic testing before they become either visible to the eye under a microscope or show up in any form of biochemical testing. Even though there may be many items listed as a result of the testing, one should not be alarmed. The presence of many different toxic stresses in the body is very commonplace in our modern world.

This bio-energetic testing is not intended as a diagnosis of any disease or condition.  We do not diagnose or treat any medical illnesses or diseases and we do not diagnose or treat psychological disorders. The information and suggestions that we provide are not intended as a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or other health care provider.  We strongly recommend that if someone has a medical condition or a serious or life threatening illness, they should consult with a licensed health care provider and be under their care.

Robin Hill is not a trained Human Software Engineer for the Squeaky Clean Program.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Robin Hill and he will refer you to the person in your area who has been certified as an advanced Squeaky Clean practitioner.  Thank you.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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