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Pure Awareness Techniques

The Pure Awareness Techniques

Most people live their lives as the product of their conditioning.  They live a life that is based on the avoidance of emotional pain; their identifications, expectations, projections and habitual emotional reactions.  It’s as if they live a default life of suffering and struggle.

Most people do everything possible to self-medicate and numb out so they don’t have to feel the terrifying effects of being emotionally overwhelmed, of living in fear, anxiety, dread, anger, upset etc.

There are eight different techniques that help to break the habits of being stuck in your illusions.  They are called the Pure Awareness techniques, and each one is useful for particular ways of regaining equanimity in life.

Of the eight different Pure Awareness techniques; the following four techniques constitute the foundation of our work.

GAP – Greater Awareness Place.  This is the simplest way of experiencing Pure Awareness and is done by simply directing your awareness to notice itself as the silent background in which your thoughts occur.  It allows you to shift your attention from an outward direction to an inward direction so that it is possible to experience the essential nature of awareness itself.

SEE – Side Entrance Expansion.  This is the technique for extracting yourself from being lost to emotional reactions of unmet expectations.  It is an excellent technique to use when you are caught up in the emotion of fear caused by projecting a possible negative outcome onto the future.

CORE – Center of Remaining Energy.  This is a process that provides an efficient way to complete those incomplete overwhelming emotional experiences from the past.  It is a process of doing the opposite of what you are deeply conditioned to do, that is; to go away from the intensity of the energy of the emotional pain stored in the body.  Instead, this process takes you to the core of the energy, allowing it to disappear.

WAIT – Waiting Accesses Intuitive Truth.  A technique for bringing yourself into alignment with the “law of least effort”.  It helps you determine the perfect timing for things, so that they happen either seamlessly by themselves, or with an “in the zone” like effortlessness.

Although not a Pure Awareness technique, an important distinction Human Software Engineers work to explain is understanding the difference between Thinking and Knowing.  It is a distinction that teaches an entirely different way to make important decisions.  It’s an invaluable tool for today’s uncertain times.  When a decision is made from Knowing, when it “feels” right instead of relying on the intellect to figure it out, you can be certain that your decision will be a good one.  The idea is to use your thinking to gather data and to let your Knowing make the decision.

These techniques are an elegant breakthrough for helping people deal with life’s problems.  During coaching sessions my clients learn these techniques so they can use them on their own when challenging issues arise.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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