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Understanding The WaveMaker

Understanding the WaveMaker

The WaveMaker is a new technology.  It is a biophysics device that processes ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body, allowing it to cancel the energy of various stress factors.  It uses very low amplitude and is able to pick up the body’s energetic patterns.  You might think of it as a device that runs anti-virus software on your nervous system.

The WaveMaker technology is very similar to noise canceling headphones manufactured by Bose, Sony and others that have become very popular in the past few years.  These headphones pick up noise frequency waves that are present when wearing the headphone and then generate the exact opposite frequency wave.  When these exact opposite waves are synchronized, they cancel each other out and the noise is eliminated.

It turns out that the human body knows when something internal is not for its highest and best good.  It knows for example that when poisons have accumulated from air pollution, water pollution or the chemicals in our food, that those poisons are not congruent with the body or in harmony with it.  The poisons are recognized as patterns of energy.

The same is true of our negative feelings and emotions.  The body recognizes them as an energy that is not healthy, and produces stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Once a client has identified a feeling or emotion that he or she would like to eliminate, the WaveMaker is able to locate that internal negative source of energy.  Just as the noise canceling headphone is able to cancel out noise, the WaveMaker can cancel out the unwanted energy pattern of the emotion found in the body.

As a Human Software Engineer, my job is to help you identify those debilitating feelings and emotions that are a problem for you.  Once identified and brought into your aware consciousness, the WaveMaker can find the corresponding energy in your body and cancel it out.

The WaveMaker seems to work beautifully for canceling out the energy patterns that hold our Conditioned Responses in place.  I use it to initiate the debugging of the Core Dynamics of common problems, and all of the habits that have been built on them.  Once the Core Dynamics are debugged, I then use Tom Stone’s Pure Awareness techniques for completing incomplete experiences.  This really is the pathway for creating an extraordinary life.

The energy output level of the WaveMaker is in the micro volt range. The maximum output voltage is only 1/2 of a volt. To put this in perspective, if you were to hold the ends of a 9 volt battery between your thumb and index fingers you would be receiving 36 times the voltage of the maximum output from the WaveMaker.  It’s interesting to notice that you don’t feel anything when holding both ends of a 9 volt battery.   The WaveMaker is very safe and there has never been an adverse reaction to it that I am aware of.

It has been determined that the WaveMaker cannot remove anything positive or good from the body.  It can only cancel something that is not congruent or negative to it.  When the WaveMaker makes a pass through the body, it is scanning for the energy of the negative feeling or disruptive influence.  On each pass it will get some of the amplitude of the problem, and on the next pass a little more, until there is zero left.  Once there is zero left, it can’t go further. There can be no negative result.

NOTE:  When used to cancel out the TB-miasm which has been shown as the reason for the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, I use Muscle Checking to determine which TB-miasms are present in the client’s body.  This is done using proprietary homeopathic ampoules that contain the 5 different miasms.  The WaveMaker then uses those miasms that test positive to find the corresponding miasms in the client, and then cancels them out. 

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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