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Tom Stone

Tom Stone – Great Life Technologies

The person responsible for most of the information found on my website is Tom Stone, the founder of Great Life Technologies and author of The Power of How.  His insights into the dynamics of people’s common problems, the development of the eight Pure Awareness Techniques, and the utilization of the Wave Maker to debug the energy and information of TB-miasm, the underlining cause of ADD/ADHD, is a gift to the world.  He has packaged all of this into a series of processes called Human Software Engineering to help people lead lives of unbounded joy and enthusiasm. And this is only a small aspect of his many accomplishments.

The scope of his work is truly staggering.  He is known as “the coach of the coaches”, due to his insights into helping people move their lives to a higher level.  He has trained thousands of coaches over the past 10 years to reach their full potential.  He has written four books, and is one of our countries most interesting speakers.

Most important however is Tom’s genuine love of his work, and how it is transforming people all over the world.  His programs are gaining momentum across America and are being recognized as breakthrough healing methodologies.

Tom is currently working on some of our greatest health problems.  He is helping people escape from their addictions to tobacco.  He is working with a leading health practitioner in Europe to treat the side effects of chemotherapy.  In conjunction with the University of Texas he is conducting a large study about Anxiety, and how to eliminate it.  And, he has started a non-profit company Great Life Institute, to expand the awareness of his breakthrough work in helping those suffering with PTSD.

It is an honor to be trained as one of his Human Software Engineers.  As you benefit from this groundbreaking work, it is Tom Stone who has made it possible.