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The Law of Attraction

Making “The Law of Attraction” Work for You!

The law of attraction is a hot topic these days since the movie "The Secret" made such a big splash.  Indeed, our thoughts do become our reality. Only for most people there's a bit of a problem.

It’s that we have two different kinds of thoughts that BOTH become our reality… and they are very often in conflict.

We all have dreams and desires. These are the positive thoughts that we want to do, become and have. And then we have negative thoughts of fear or doubt about why it won't happen the way we want it to. These negative thoughts also become our reality and because they are in conflict with our real desires and intentions, they tend to get in the way and sabotage what we really want. Then the thing that we really want doesn't seem to happen. It's frustrating to say the least and for most people it seems very difficult to overcome.

This kind of inner conflict between what we want and all of our other "negative mind talk" happens most of the time.  Sometimes we luck out and sneak a desire through without sabotaging it. Everyone has had the experience of desiring something, forgetting about it, and without doing anything to fulfill the desire, the thing you desired simply shows up, without any effort on your part. It's great when that happens!

Unfortunately this is the exception rather than the rule. It only happens occasionally for most people and usually when we don't entertain thoughts that are contrary to what it is we really want.  What if it were possible to have this happen more frequently, even to have it happen all the time?

The challenge of having those conflicting thoughts; doubts, fears and rationalizations, is we can’t seem to control them. They just show up even when we try not to have them. It’s because they are deeply conditioned into us, and unfortunately we have learned to be highly competent at thinking them without realizing we are doing it.

What if there was a breakthrough in technology that made it easy to get rid of our habit of negative conditioned thinking?  What if it was as easy as dragging files to the recycle bin on your computer or running anti-virus software? Human Software Engineering has figured out how to do that, and it is relatively easy to do.  For part of the process a revolutionary device called the WaveMaker (please see write up on web site) is used.

You probably know about noise canceling headsets.  They pick up the acoustical noise in the environment with a microphone that is built into the headset. Then it runs the waveform of the noise through a special circuit that inverts it. The electronics create the "mirror image" of the noise and then sends it to the ear at the same time the noise reaches the ear. What happens? The noise gets wiped out. You don't hear it. The energy pattern of the noise is literally cancelled out by its own electronically produced mirror image. This is using a principle from physics called wave interference.

What if we could apply the same physics principle to the "noise" of our negative conditioning that sabotages our intentions and desires?  What if we could “debug” our inner human software and clean out our negative, self-sabotaging inner mind talk?

That's exactly what the WaveMaker device does. The extraordinary discovery that is the basis of the WaveMaker’s usefulness is that when we think about something, the energy pattern of the thought becomes present in our electromagnetic field.

When you concentrate on a negative thought, the WaveMaker picks up the ultra-fine energy patterns of that thought and electronically inverts it just as the noise-canceling headset inverts the wave pattern of the environmental noise. Then the WaveMaker sends the inverted energy back to the body and the inverted waveform meets the source waveform and cancels it out.

This works because everything is made of energy. Our thoughts are patterns of energy. We can see the energy with EEG machines. This energy is very weak but it is there in our composite electromagnetic field.  If you were to hold the thought, “I’ll never get the job I want”, and then allow the WaveMaker to invert the pattern of energy of that thought, it will be cancelled out and will be much less of a deterrent to your future.

We call this working with your Inner Human Software because it is similar to a computer. When you properly describe the habit or conditioning that you want to change, and then bring the thought of that pattern of conditioning into your awareness, it is like opening a word document so it can be changed in the computers memory. The WaveMaker does this with your habit or conditioning.  Once the habit or conditioning you want to change is in your awareness, it can be modified or deleted by the Wave-Maker.

Here’s what happens. After a WaveMaker session the negative energy patterns of conditioning and habits that you bring into your active memory get cancelled out.  People report that sometimes the problem that was being caused by the conditioning just vanishes. In fact, even the memory of the problem often just disappears. Other times the person is still aware of the old way of being but feels removed from it, distanced from it, so that it isn’t an unconscious default way of functioning. Instead there is a sense of being able to choose a new way to be. It’s actually quite mind blowing!

In conjunction with a WaveMaker session I generally review with a client their Core Dynamics conditioning.  These are twelve different core problems that have been documented over many years of inquiry and research while developing the field of Human Software Engineering. 

People are reporting more real change in their lives from a couple of WaveMaker Sessions than from 10 to 20 years of traditional therapy. Our clients are reporting solutions to problems that they have had all of their lives and couldn't solve any other way. They also report that very rapidly their ability to have intentions and desires simply come into being is getting better and better all the time. They are no longer having their desires sabotaged by inner conflicting thoughts and feelings. This allows them to finally live the power of "The Secret" in their own lives.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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