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Learning simple techniques can impact and improve your life in four distinct areas:

  • Eliminate Your Anxiety
  • Solving Major Life Problems
  • Resolving ADD/ADHD Symptoms
  • Creating A Life Worth Living

This is possible because of a major breakthrough in our ability to dissolve and remove old energy patterns of current emotions that disrupt people’s lives. Positive change occurs by being trained to use a group of techniques designed to effectively eliminate the root cause of these problems. This is training and not therapy. My purpose is to train my clients in just a few sessions so that they can continue to enhance and expand their lives on their own.

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We know that it is possible to remove bugs and viruses in computers using anti-virus software. These techniques are able to remove each individual’s unique, unhealthy human conditioning from their internal hard drives. All that is required is for one to be able to get in touch with the emotion that is distracting them… and interestingly, it is not necessary for me to know the reason or story that is causing the unhealthy emotion to exist. The experience or story in not what is important's energy of the emotion. Feeling this energy is not's normal to feel.

This website contains a number of essays that describe how these techniques work in many areas of our lives. It may seem impossible that these techniques could be so effective in such diverse categories, but they are. I invite you to read at least a few of them so that you can get a flavor of this work. Then give me a call. I offer a free consultation so that you can learn how these techniques can be so effective. I also invite you to take the “Human Conditioning” test on the right side of this page. It will provide you with a benchmark to personally evaluate the current level of how smoothly your life is unfolding.

I promise that these techniques and processes are game changers in people’s lives. I look forward to talking with you.