Manage the Emotional Process

Managing the Emotional Process

This new field of personal development provides ground breaking methods for removing people’s inner clutter; the distractions, obstacles and upsets that cause so many of us to live such unhappy, stressful lives.  It seems that Anxiety and Depression have become unwelcome companions for many of us.  We are like a corrupted computer that needs a major overhaul.  

Personal Computers tend to have problems, and most of the time they can be traced back to corrupted files, bugged software or dangerous viruses.  These problems have a negative effect on the computer and severely degrade its functionality.  Even if we are able to name the problem and find its location, until it is removed from the hard drive with anti-virus software, the problem continues to exist.

As humans, we have a similar situation.  Our hardware, the brain and body may be OK, but for many of us the output we’re getting is definitely corrupted.  The problem is our human software.  It needs to be debugged and upgraded.  But when our Internal Operating System is compromised, there have been no available solutions to our problems, no anti-virus software to debug and upgrade us.  There hasn’t been a methodology developed to handle our inner corrupted files… until now.

This is an emerging field that views the body and everything in it as being composed of patterns of energy and information.  The analogy is that with computers the software controls the hardware or output.  With humans it is the same.  Our human software, comprised of our thoughts, emotions, conditioning, traumas etc. determines what we do – our output.  When we are not getting the output we want such as optimal health and wellness, I  guide you to find the “bugs” in human software that are sabotaging the desired output.

These new techniques for resolving emotional traumas and reactions come from unmet expectations.  Also addressed, are the fears at the basis of the projection of possible negative outcomes onto the future.  The two primary techniques to resolve these experiences: feeling into the energy pattern in your body and consciously going outside the energy pattern. Going "inside" has been found to be profoundly helpful at quickly and thoroughly resolving incomplete emotionally traumatic experiences from the past.  Going  "outside" is a highly effective experiential method of resolving recurring reactions to problems such as anxiety and depression.  Someone who provides great clarity to this work is the author, Tom Stone and his current book, "Vaporize Your Anxiety, without drugs or therapy". His web site is  I highly recommend his writings.

This work has been developed to improve our ability to manage our emotions easily, so that we are able to deal with the energetic patterns when we are not happy with the results we are getting.  These dysfunctional outputs have many faces.  It can appear as being anxious, nervous, unfulfilled, scared, helpless, inferior, desperate, powerless, depressed, shamed, angry, invalidated, abandoned, defective etc.

All of us have had some of these debilitating thoughts in our lives.  And, with traditional therapy they are really difficult to eliminate,  because they were initially implanted into our systems at a very young age, and locked in place.  They are part of our early conditioning and are invisible or unconscious to us, but still run us in a non-productive way.  We have now grown up, but the old energy of past conditioning hasn't been felt into.  The result is, we have lived with this early invisible conditioning for years and react to many of life’s challenges in an unproductive and powerless manner.

Several years ago Kaiser-Permanente conducted a study known as ACE (Adverse Childhood Diseases) and looked at the result of childhood traumas and how they correlated with adult health 50 years later.  Over 17,000 Kaiser members participated, and the study revealed that unresolved childhood traumas are a major cause to later physical and mental health problems.  The study also noted that these early traumas don’t tend to self heal.  They continue to have impact even a half century later.  

My anecdotal evidence has led me to believe that there is a missing element to the ACE study that occurs very early in our development.  It is our pre-verbal conditioning (events that caused us pain or fear before we used words) that cause us to have such difficulty with our feelings and emotions as we become older.  Our insights into the nature of this preverbal conditioning, I call Managing Your Emotional Process.  When you learn to easily resolve and completely feel  into the energy of the emotion, a life of unbounded joy and happiness becomes the norm.

The primary reason responsible for us not being able to heal our early traumas is not knowing that there are unresolved energetic pattern associated with our emotions.  This occurs when we are very young and get emotionally overwhelmed.  In this preverbal state there seems to be a fairly universal decision to avoid feeling things fully in an attempt to hold off becoming emotionally overwhelmed.  This sets us up to avoid completing the experience of intense emotional events and keeps them unresolved in our bodies throughout our lives.  This is what causes us to hold onto feelings such as anger, grief, sadness etc.

I view emotional issues as patterns of energy and information we carry around with us.  This is why conventional therapy is at a loss to know what to do about them. Traditional therapy uses your “thinking mind” to resolve an energetic experience.  These are two different languages and neither understands one another.   We could talk about an apple all day and yet, you wouldn't really know what one is like (Cognitive therapy). Or, I could just give you one and let you taste it (Experiential Wisdom).  Talking is too slow and feeling is quick and easy.  To quote Tom Stone: "It is like trying to see music, or touch the scent of a cake baking".  It’s just the wrong set of tools.  It is clear that our early conditioning causes a whole host of chronic illnesses and the ACE study doesn’t address how to heal or provide real change for them.

I view anxiety and depression as common expressions of these emotional problems.  This means that the inability to process intense emotional experiences continue to be held in the body and are not naturally released.  All emotions are patterns of energy created in the body.  We all know what sadness feels like.  It is distinct from fear or anger.  Each emotion has a different pattern of energy that allows us to distinguish one emotion from another.

Tom Stone has said that anxiety is simply a person being stuck at the outer edges of the energy pattern of unresolved fear without the knowledge of how to resolve it.  When anxiety is approached at the experiential level and the anxious person is taught how to resolve the underlying fear, we observe that it is quite common for the anxiety to be resolved in a half an hour or so, and many times much faster.

It has been said that depression is dancing around the outer edges of sadness.  Just as with anxiety, the energy to feeling fully causes people to remain stuck.  Because they are afraid to fully experience the emotion when trying to resolve sadness or loss.  They may also be "projecting a possible negative outcome onto the future" by worrying about it now and responding with resignation, rather than seeing as a story that you made up AND that really doesn't exist at all.  Feeling into the energy of the emotion is used with both anxiety and depression and those of us who teach these techniques, have seen a wonderful resolution of these problems for our clients.

The field of feeling the energy has been in development for many years by many individuals and offers amazing breakthrough solutions for our fears and anxiety.  Feeling into these early disruptive energetic feelings that we have been living with, that long ago lost their usefulness, are literally the safest, easiest, and peaceful way to manage your emotional process.  You may be hearing about "feeling into the energy" for the first time, but because of its amazing ability to help people lead stress free and successful lives, you will be hearing much more about it in the future.

As Tom Stone has so artfully described:  "Imagine living a life with the Core Dynamics of Common Problems really absent from your life.  You would;

  • Always trust and act on your intuition
  • Be free of the influence of the past and from concerns about the future
  • Be totally present, living in the moment, in the Now
  • Be free of being judgmental about yourself and others
  • Be free of habits of getting lost to the grip of emotion
  • Have the capacity to feel anything and everything
  • Be completely self-sufficient and independent
  • Have a depth of self-esteem and self-worth that makes them a non-issue
  • Live in a state of unconditional love of yourself, others and all of life
  • Live in tune with the flow of nature, "in the zone" all the time
  • Maintain a deep inner sense of peace and equanimity all the time
  • Be liberated to live the fullest possible expression of your unique talents and qualities
  • Be completely clear about your purpose and respond spontaneously to the needs of each moment with the fullness of your being"

Thanks for coming this far in your search for've come to the right place.

Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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