Vaporize Sales Anxiety

Vaporize Your Sales A nxiety

Generally speaking the art of selling anything successfully has nothing to do with the product, your sales training or your territory.  Interestingly it has everything to do with how you handle your emotions.

I have been in sales most of my life.  Most of the time, I was very successful and selling seemed to come easily to me.  I am best known for having originated over a billion and a half dollars of home mortgages. Consistently people commented on my ability to easily hold the space/context when conversations got off course.  Finally, the one I am most happy with is that people always commented about my patience. These were deeply ingrained strategies that I had to learn, however, my insides were still "jumping" with hope, neediness, etc.  

I have also experienced the crushing weight of trying to sell a product with very limited success.  How come?   When I look back on my selling career I can see that at certain times in my professional life I stumbled because of Fear.  It might have been irrational, but it sure stopped me cold.

When I had the emotions of fear, dread, anxiety, worry etc. my effectiveness at selling was greatly reduced.  My call reluctance increased, my self esteem was marginal, my motivation almost nil.  It was difficult to pick up the phone and make sales calls.  I stayed in the office instead of being out with prospective clients.  I was scared to make a call because I might be turned down.  It was easier to stop for coffee rather than making that last call. 

I once tried network marketing and found that I simply couldn’t talk with friends and acquaintances about some great health products I completely believed in.  I worried about their reaction to me for simply approaching them about trying those really wonderful products.  I had a huge dose of anxiety because of my fear of rejection by my friends.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Why is it that these emotions come into play?  Surprisingly they are the result of our early human conditioning and have nothing to do with our sales or product knowledge.  Yet they can cause a huge disruption in a salespersons ability to attain success.

It is now possible to change the way people react to their early conditioning.  By utilizing Human Software Engineering there are some amazingly simple and effective processes that can pretty much vaporize the fear of selling.  Because fear is an emotion and is usually triggered by the same circumstances, I can quite rapidly move a sales person through fear based sales barriers.  The result is a huge shift in confidence which leads to greater sales productivity.  These results generally happen in two or three sessions.

How much business are you and your sales force missing because of Fear?  It’s probably more than you care to imagine.  Now is the time to choose to be more successful.  A 10%, 20% or more across the board increase is a real possibility, at a very small cost.

The optimal way to involve your sales people is for them to attend a presentation that explains Human Software Engineering and to see a demonstration of how it works.  My sales seminars usually last one to two hours.  They are interesting, informative and will be different from any Sales training you have previously attended.

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Robin Hill
Master Results Coach
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